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Let's get together and talk about the modern age...

I've got evidence on my side.

16 February
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[Just fucking love me.]

music. bright eyes. rilo kiley. the faint. desaparecidos. the get up kids. the decemberists. mates of state. 5,6,7,8s. kanye west. the unicorns. broken social scene. le tigre. the essex green. refused. thrice. deerhoof. alkaline trio. modest mouse. cursive. ben kweller. cat stevens. the postal service. brand new. neutral milk hotel. lovage. death cab for cutie. saves the day. elliot smith.

things. people. jenny lewis. conor oberst. diners. coffee. splenda. motels. s'mores. marshmallows over stove burners. grilled cheese. bruised hipbones. ribcage. vintage. kissing. blue eyes. black hair. cutting my own bangs. playgrounds. movies. teenage love song. biting. pancakes. independence. deck and fin. record players. gasoline. highways. tears. EDs. tiger lilies.

[I'm tired of leaving.]